Want a Movie Get a Player

´╗┐Want a Movie Get a Player

Songs and music files are not the only items being shared and downloaded on the Internet. Movie files have become extremely popular, though generally not very legal until recently. The proliferation in technology in general, and among high school and college aged students in particular, has led to a boom in file swapping, which has also led to the trading of movie files, and the demand for movie downloads on the Internet. There were always a lot of sites to find free movie downloads, though there was always a question of legality. Now there are some legal sites to not just rent, but actually buy and download movies. Some of the major companies in this business even advertise themselves as the first legal companies to allow movie downloads.

One of the problems that someone wanting to download movies from the Internet may run into is different files and formats. First off, if you have a computer, you probably already have some type of a potential movie player on your system. If it is an apple then most likely you have a QuickTime Player. If not, then you should know that a QuickTime Player is a good movie program that, though it will function on non-Apple computers, this is a program that was designed to function at maximum capacity with the Apple systems. Any other type of computer will almost certainly have Microsoft programming on it, which means that the far majority of computers in the world will have a Windows Media Player, which can be used to view movies, though that does not mean that every movie will be compatible with the player.

Many movies available for download are designed for the DivX system. DivX also comes in many software bundles, and was one of the early programs used to view and collect movies on the computer. Another free movie player that is common is the Real Player. This can be used to view all kinds of movies, and is somewhat similar to the QuickTime Player, though it is not designed specifically for any computer system, though it is designed with the specific purpose of showing movies. There are other programs such as Winamp, which was designed more for music, but has a movie/video viewing option.

The best idea is to go to find a reputable web site where you feel comfortable downloading movies and see what the requirements are there. See what their requirements are and go from there, then prepare to enjoy your movies!

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