Walking Vacation in Italy

Walking Vacation in Italy

Vacation is what most people want to have time to relax and unwind from the pressure that your work gives and the complexity of life itself. How you spend your vacation is the key to achieve your desire for relaxation. But, you’ll be surprised to know how people spend their vacation. Some would engage in adventurous activities and few prefer to content themselves in devouring serene and picturesque places. Those who love to appreciate the wonders of nature chose to just walk around and explore the beauty of it. This is what walking vacation is all about.

Since walking vacation gives you a relaxing experience, Italy offers this kind of vacation to anyone who likes scenic views, romantic ambiance, and rich historical places that Italy is so blessed of. Walking vacation in Italy has so much to offer to their guests. Tuscany is one of the places in Italy that you must not miss to explore.

Anyone who happened to travel Tuscany, should know that Tuscany is not only located at the heart of Italy but the heart of Italy. How is that so? Imagine combining great food, pleasant climate, wonderful people, an area rich in history, a landscape awaiting to be photographed and painted, some of the most important art treasure in the world, all of them is what you get from walking vacation in Italy.

With distances of between seven and eight miles a day, vacation walk in Italy allows you plenty of time to enjoy the pleasures of Italy. You will visit the area mostly in southeast of Siena. It is where the wooded hills of Chiante region give way to the rolling hills of open fields disturbed only by that quintesentially Tuscan icon, which is the Cypress tree, making it a beautiful and relaxed countryside- absolutely a perfect walking vacation in Italy!

Moreover, you will have an opportunity to walk through the countryside and through pretty villages. Just don’t miss the walk up the 1,200-foot hill to San Quirico d’ Orcia, an ancient village well worth the effort. This village is a true delight and the panoramas are amazing.

Walking vacation in Italy gives you the chance to visit and walk through the vineyard of Brunello wines, which is considered to be one of Italy’s best wines and a visit there, will unquestionably lead to a tasting in a relaxing atmosphere. Definitely a come-on doesn’t it?

Want more? Walking vacation in Italy will also take you to Pienza, a village that is planned and built in 1449. The work was commissioned by Pope Pius II who was born in a backward little town and is known to always have an inferiority complex about his rural upbringing. To compensate, the Pope commissioned the building of an ideal town founded on renaissance principles. But the Pope, unfortunately, wasn’t able to enjoy his creation as he died a few years following its completion. If you get the chance to visit the place, take a walk around into the piazza and you will see that everything is built from 1459 to 1462.
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