Vacations in Italy

Vacations in Italy

Summary: Few other places in Europe exude so much spirit of renaissance than Italy; it’s as if vacations in Italy are akin to walking down the annals of time.

A few other places in Europe exude so much spirit of renaissance than Italy. With its popes, painters, polenta, paramours, poets, political puerility and potentates, its dreamy and lazy light, sumptuous landscapes seem made for romance. Superfluous architecture and its three millennia of history, traditions and outstanding cuisine beckon just about everyone to its shores. To sum it all, Italy itself is a vacation spot.

Vacations in Italy are akin to walking down the annals of time. After all, the Italian nation is offspring of the oldest civilization that has achieved the status of perfection, the Roman Empire. Records of the Great Byzantine Empire remain obscure, but there are proofs of that legendary empire. Only thing that may have witness Rome in its greatest glory would be the Colosseum of Rome. Standing majestically 50 meters above the ground and spreading 185 meters, if still intact it would hold 50,000 barbaric spectators lusting for blood. Today, a fragment of what it once only remains. But still, the Colosseum stands tall and proud. Roman architecture of such degree should be among the reasons to sign for vacations in Italy. Nowhere else you can see ancient structures of this caliber.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is part of the magnificent Romanesque architectural complex that includes the famous Baptistery and Cathedral of Pisa. Though never intended, the tower leaned due to soft subsoil on one part of its structure. This flawed tower was thought condemned in its early days. But over the centuries it gained a considerable supporters for it was magnificently made; the tilting only heightened its already considerable charm.

The Canals of Venice is often the subject of most romantic experiences. Just imagine gliding softly along the narrow Venice canals with a musical accompaniment. If the sight won’t warm your heart, the authentic Venetian experience would.

The 150 canals serve as the main streets of Venice but the people can often go to one place to another by walking on bridges or by ferries, for farther destination. Gondolas are already non existent, though tourist can still access this method of transportation just to feel the experience.

One highlights for vacations Italy is the Amalfi Coast. Charming villages that cling precariously to precipitous sea cliffs makes it a breathtaking spectacle. The experience of walking along the narrow and twisting Amalfi Drive is a splendid experience to add for vacations in Italy. This 50 kilometer walk is definitely the world’s most beautiful sightseeing boulevard.

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