Vacation Information on Rome, Italy

Vacation Information on Rome, Italy

In planning of taking a vacation to any vacation destination, it is necessary that you should get any information of the place before making any bookings or reservations. So, if your next vacation destination is Rome, it is likely that vacation information on Rome, Italy will come in handy. So, here it is.

To start with your search for vacation information on Rome, Italy, let me give a short overview of the city. Rome is a vibrant and lively city with reminders of its past everywhere you look. In Rome, you will notice many ancient monuments, medieval and renaissance buildings and fountains, and great number of museums. Rome is the capital of modern Italy and shows off many fine restaurants and cafes, exciting nightlife, and lively streets and squares. Even if Rome is a huge city, its historic center is small.

Vacation information on Rome, Italy is very useful considering it is a huge city. Rome’s location is on the west of Central Italy, not too far from the coast. Modern Rome’s main port is Civitivecchia. And as for the transportation to Rome, the best way to arrive in Rome is by train and there are several outlaying stations, too. The main station is Stazione Termini, which is close to the historic center of Rome. You can also arrive by bus near the Termini station or in Piazzale Tiburtina in front of the Tiburtina train station. Rome’s airport, Fiumicino, is a major international airport and visitors from the United States usually arrive at this airport. You can take train into Rome from the airport if you want to avoid driving.

The public transportations in Rome are bus and metro system. Rome has widespread bus and metro system – called Metripolitana, which can easily take you almost anywhere on public transportation. Be aware of pickpockets when opting to ride in crowded subway cars! In case you need one, there is a good transportation map- called Roma that’s worth buying for if you plan to use the public transportation. You can find it in tourist offices, newspaper stands, or souvenir shops.

If you have any questions or for any vacation information on Rome, Italy, there is a tourist office in the train station that can help you find places or hotels and gives out maps and information. Don’t worry because almost all of the staff at the tourist offices speaks English. The main tourist office is found on Via Parigi, near the Piazza della Republica.

If you are festival enthusiast, you will definitely need vacation information on Rome, Italy regarding their festivals. The festivals in Rome like music and cultural festivals happen during the summer. The Festa di San Giovanni, June 23-24, is an important festival with dancing, music, and food as it usually is. Around Christmas, there are nativity scenes in many churches and there are religious festivals and processions during the week before Easter, as well. The Spanish steps are the perfect place to go for the Spring Festival.

Additional, but a very important reminder is to be aware of pickpockets always. Don’t bring too much cash when going around and just leave your important belongings to your hotel if you want to enjoy the moment while you can.

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