Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, or Dante Alighieri may have beckoned you to travel to Florence, Italy. Well, maybe not literally, but a strong inclination towards the arts will make you glad you heed their call.

Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region in western Italy. Its population of about half a million is mostly engaged in such major industries as tourism, textiles, food processing like wine, clothing and footwear. Standard Italian language is the main form of communication and dialect is nonexistent.

Travel to Florence, Italy is best done from April to June or in September or October, when it is considered as a low season. The weather at these times is good and fewer tourists make prices cheaper. A visit in early winter is mostly nice as well, with lesser chance of the piazzas getting too crowded.

Art and culture are not the only reasons for a travel to Florence, Italy. It does not only have some of the world’s most awesome structures and splendid churches, it also offers you some of life’s little treasures. Their beaches can rival with some others’ across the globe and the enthralling cityscapes are definitely unforgettable.

Simple dishes of fresh ingredients mixed together are basically what Florence cuisine is all about. One may not expect Italian cuisine to be just that, but Florence recipes are really far from being plain and bland. Their simple preparation can actually produce tasty dishes that are served everywhere, from stalls to luxurious restaurants. On top of that, the world-famous Tuscan wine, Chianti, was born in Florence. Also, it has its own version of fast food which they call trippa. And yes, it is really far more delicious than it actually sounds.

Night time is not exactly as bustling as New York, but a travel to Florence, Italy will let you see their share of night entertainment. Clubs and other night time venues provide music as well as the all-time favourite cocktail drinks. Locals relax in these places even with a single drink to last the night.

Shopping in Florence would mean haggling. It is almost a habit not to pay for the price that is being asked for a particular merchandise. Locals and tourists must learn the art of asking for a better deal. The tag price is not their best price. So, if you’re the sale goddess or a self-confessed cheapskate, a travel to Florence, Italy is going to be a fulfilling experience.

With its charming landmarks and incredible ambiance, going to Florence is like reliving your fairytale dreams. And if you didn’t know, Florence is popular for its gelati. And how does it differ from any other ice cream? The long queue outside Gelateria Vivoli in Florence will tell you what people would do just to get a lick.

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