Topic: Italy Travel (11)

Topic: Italy Travel

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In Store of Your Italy Travel Brochure

Probably most notably worth visiting is Italy’s city capital, Rome. Rome is filled with rich history. Its greatest irony is that its ancient monuments, aged fountains, medieval churches, and renaissance palaces stand in strong poise amidst modern city restaurants and nightlife. You can also find yourself priding The Vatican and the famous St. Peter’s Square.

Or, you can go Venice. Just wandering along the canals of the city built on water is a joy enough, even more so when you go lagoon boating with your lovee in the most romantic capital of the world, Venice, the Bridge of the East and West. You may not even resist marrying in the magnificent Piazza San Marco Church located at the heart of Venice.

Third in the list of your mainstream Italy travel brochure must be Florence. Located in Tuscany, Florence is one of the most momentous centers of renaissance art and architecture. You’ll find its duomo and bapistry as tourist crowd pleasers with several of its historic museums of famous paintings and sculptures, or you can escape the flurry with Florence’s fragrant palace gardens.

Next stop is Turin, northeast of Italy, between the Po River and the foothills of the Alps. This major cultural metropolis was a current host of the Winter Olympics of 2006. Its baroque architectural palaces and museums, and elegant restos, cafés, and artisan shops and arcades never fall short of attracting tourists of different nationalities.

What about Milan? Again with Italy’s rich, cultural, and artistic heritage, Milan remains the holder of the most fertile fashion hub of the world. Fast paced shops, gallerias, and ristoranti have lingered stylishly for decades with its beautifully marbled duomo and famous La Scala opera. You’d forget that Milan is in the north of Italy, peacefully resting near natural lakes (Como and Maggiore) and just miles of the Italian Alps.

Sixth in our Italy travel brochure is vibrant Naples. The recently renovated city south coast of Rome steadfastly holds on to its historical and artistic old character treasures.

You can also saunter in the metropolis of beauty, wealth, cuisine, and left-wing politics. Bologna stores attractive shopping squares and arcades with welcoming porticoes while maintaining its old European universidades and trade centers as capital of Emilia-Romagna North Italy.

The cosmopolitan center of Peruvia, capital of Umbria, on the other hand hosts not only tourists but students with its University for Foreigners, indulging in the historical summer Jazz Festival atop over the hill views.

Italy travel brochure second to the last, you’ll find the Northwest Italy’s principal seaport of Genoa, declared 2004 European Cultural Capital wealthy city port made famous by Columbus.

And completing the inventory of our Italy travel brochure is the University City of Padua, not far away from Venice. Padua holds the best night scene while being a home to old botanical gardens, Giotto’s frescoes, and the main pilgrim site Basilica of San Antonio.

Your Italy travel brochure might just include these ten best cities in Italy not worth missing.

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