Things to do in Naples, Italy

Things to do in Naples, Italy

Majority of the people who are competitively working in the corporate arena experience stress- related illnesses at some point. The hectic schedules, hair-raising traffic, meeting dreaded deadlines, pacifying demanding clients and stroking the egos of pompous executives are more than enough to give you heartburn! So, you ask yourself, when was the last time you had a quiet, relaxing day? You owe it to yourself to take time to unwind and rejuvenate every once in a while. Go to the beach, go crazy on a carnival ride, or better yet take a trip! It will surely do wonders to your old battered body.

In Naples, Italy you can be able to do that and a whole lot more! There are a hundred and one things to do in Naples, Italy that would provide you the adrenaline rush you need and at the same time take your mind off from work. From interesting sites, theme parks, state museums and fabulous sporting events will surely quench your appetite for fun and excitement.

Some highly recommended things to do in Naples, Italy would be to visit the much talked about sites of the city. On top of the list is the Acquario Della Stazione Zoologica Di Napoli, which is the oldest aquarium in the entire Europe. Feast your eyes on over 200 marine species and plant life on display that will surely captivate the child in you. Second on the list on the best things to do in the city Naples, Italy is to visit the Capella Sansevero which was actually designed by the prince of Sansevero, Raimondo di Sangro back in 1590. You can find amazing and famous sculptures here such as the exceptional sculpture of Guiseppe Sammartino’s Veiled Christ.

Taking a bite in one of Sbrescia’s meals would surely prove to be one of the greatest gastronomical experiences you’ll never forget. One of the most popular things in Naples, Italy are the expertly prepared cuisines combined with the scenic view of the gulf that made this restaurant a favorite among tourists and locals.

The Museo Civico Gaetano is also something that you should never fail to check out. The historical palazzo actually houses the art collections of Prince Filangieri and other ancient relics that satisfy the art enthusiast in you. The Guarracino Ciro is one of the famous shopping destinations in the city of Naples. Be charmed with the chic designer pieces that will probably tempt you to part with several bucks!

The list of great things to do in Naples, Italy could go on and on. Just make sure you bring your digital camera with you to capture all the wonderful sites that await you. You’ll be guaranteed to have some brilliant memories that you can take with you and reminisce after work.

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