There is nothing like a good James Bond movie to fill a relaxing afternoon at home

There is nothing like a good James Bond movie to fill a relaxing afternoon at home

Of course, these films are available on different channels throughout the year. The popular series of movies featuring this world-known espionage character can be found on the random weekend on occasion. This just wasn’t good enough for use. We liked the idea of watching a James Bond movie when we wanted to.

There are a lot of different films in this collection and there are a handful of talented actors who portrayed the famous character. While my husband and I do agree that none of the actors matched Sean Connery’s portrayal in the first James Bond movie but they were all great.

The very first film in a series is typically the best of the lot and this might be true in some people’s opinion about the first James Bond movie, Dr. No. I love the mystery involved in the film while my husband is much more interested in Ursula’s emergence from the water in the famous beach scene.

Even though the first James Bond movie is a favorite for many fans, I have to say that I favor Goldfinger. I guess that this film appeals to my gambling side as well as my sense of humor. I could watch it over and over again and I have.

The films just wouldn’t be the same without a good villain. The best of the best in the classic James Bond movie will have outstanding bad guys that are so intriguing that you almost root for them. This makes Goldfinger a top choice for me, too. He is a great bad guy.

The most recent James Bond movie offers a brand new hero and a new villain as well. I have heard so many great things about this flick that I am tempted to actually pay to see it. This is a brand new notion for us. We have never actually paid to see a James Bond movie before.

I guess that it’s time that we started. It would be nice to have a collection including the most recent James Bond movie. The only problem with this is that we might spend way too much time in front of the television.

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