The Top Rated Naples, Italy Hotels

The Top Rated Naples, Italy Hotels

Are you visiting Naples, Italy this winter? If so, you probably want to know where in Naples you can stay comfortably for the whole day or whole week. Well, I have good news for you. Naples, Italy has a lot of hotels offering the best accommodations possible. These hotels are located near all the wonders that the city has to offer, including shopping centers, golf courses, spa and beauty shops, restaurants, bars, and a lot more.

Below are some of the top rated Naples, Italy hotels that continue to provide visitors the best quality and comfort possible. Consider the following:

Hotel San Paolo

Located in Flegrea area, Hotel San Paolo is one of the most well-known Naples, Italy hotels that provide the best comfort possible. It was built with a new and modern style, with a strategic location of the city. It provides a number of comfortable rooms that are fully-equipped with all the elements of modern comfort. Also, it is interesting to know that Hotel San Paolo is one of the known Naples, Italy hotels that provide roof gardens for their guests to stay and enjoy the city’s wonderful sites. The garden of this hotel though offers a nice view of the Capo Posillipo and the Bagnoli Bay.

Hotel Sant’ Angelo

For those who want to stay in an elegantly designed hotel in Naples, Italy, Hotel Sant’ Angelo can be your best choice. Of the available Naples, Italy hotels, this is by far the most well-known when it comes to elegance and comfort. Hotel Sant’ Angelo provides rooms that are all equipped with the modern technology, as well as with all the amenities necessary for transforming your stay into a most memorable one. This hotel is located in the heart of the city itself, just stone’s throw away from the artistic and historic monuments and structures in Naples.

Hotel Garden Nipoli

Newly renovated, the Hotel Garden Nipoli is but another great place to stay in Naples, Italy. This hotel provides good accommodation, with all rooms equipped with all the necessary amenities, including cable television, bath or shower, telephone, internet access, and a lot more. Hotel Garden Nipoli is situated 200 meters away from the central train station of the city of Naples.

Grand Hotel Europa

Of the available Naples, Italy hotels, the Grand Hotel Europa is the one which features the Vanvitelli style. It is housed in a palazzo that was built in 19th century and its location is close to the city’s commercial center, just steps away from the central railway station. This hotel is actually a three-star property that offers comfortable rooms that are built with frescoes. All the necessary amenities are also provided, making your stay at this top rated hotel worth remembering. Note that unlike the other Naples, Italy hotels, the Grand Hotel Europa is open year round.

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