The City of Naples, Italy

The City of Naples, Italy

The city of Naples, Italy is said to be a living antique, with its rich history dating back from the 9th century B.C.. Many poets have described the city as attractive yet mysterious and Greeks have claimed that the picturesque view have virtually melted away all their worries. Sprawled around the city are numerous castles, villas, palazzos and other wonderful sites that lure tourists and travelers from all over the world. The Historical Center of Naples, Italy encompasses the entire urban area is the largest in the world, and was proclaimed by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site way back in 1995.

It is relatively easy to reach Naples, Italy since it has highly efficient thoroughfares and train system that unites the city with the rest of the country. There are also several world-class accommodations available in the heart of the city. However if you will be having an extended stay, there are also apartments ready for lease, or if any case you are in a rather tight budget, there are bed and breakfast establishments and campsites for you to choose from.

The city of Naples, Italy has been known to be the home of the very first pizza and the long-standing custom in cheese making. If you are in the area, make sure to buy some really excellent quality chesses from the stalls littered around the streets. Neapolitan pastries are also among the popular fares in the locality, with the pastiera napoletana among the favorites. Be sure to finish your meal with a good cup of authentic coffee that Italians are famous have always been famous for. It is a real gastronomical experience that you certainly shouldn’t miss.

If you are in the some for some serious shopping spree, then you are in for a treat. There are a lot of handmade products from locals that you can buy at a very reasonable price. The Quartieri Spagnoli is cluttered with craft shops, charming paintings and leather goods that are great souvenir items.

The city of Naples, Italy is undoubtedly bursting with life and vitality with its rich history and cultural origin. In springtime, the city comes alive with a series of shows and cultural affairs that even locals look forward to. The celebration for Naples, Italy official patron saint, the Festival for San Gennaro it an age old tradition with ancient rituals participated by everyone in the city, An annual Pasta Show is also an annual event which is held in Stazione Marritima that has a 10,000 sq allocated for its exhibit area.

The city of Naples, Italy is certainly a land that never grows out of style. Although it is quite ancient, it never fails to keep up with the modern times. Tourists are sure to find the unique blend of vintage and contemporary facets of the city very fascinating.

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