The Calcium Kid

The Calcium Kid

A humorous British film released by Universal Pictures, United International Pictures, and WT2 Films in 2004, The Calcium Kid stars Orlando Bloom in his first lead part. Orlando Bloom who caught fame after playing the role Legolas in Lord of the Rings 2001 movie, plays Jimmy “the Calcium Kid” Connelly in this funny film.

Orlando Bloom plays a London milkman given the nickname Jimmy the Calcium Kid, who’s also an amateur boxer, where a bizarre twist of occurrences pushes him onto the boxing world stage to battle against the world champion in his home town. Playing the role Span as the best friend of Jimmy, is Rafe Spall. The boxing promoter Herbie Bush is played by the comedian Omid Djalili, and with boxer-turned-actor Tamer Hassan as the aggrieved middleweight fighter and first protégé, Pete Wright.

Other casts include Michael Peña as Jose Mendez the World Champion boxer, his promoter Artie Cohen participated by Michael Lerner, and Billie Piper as Angel, Jimmy’s object of desire. The film is from an original script by Derek Boyle and Raymond Friel, the movie is directed and written by first-time feature director Alex de Rakoff, and produced by Natascha Wharton together with Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner as executive producers.

The Calcium Kid movie is presented in a fake-documentary-style set in London that centers on the build up to title-boxing match, between the underdog Jimmy and the champion Jose Mendez. The film is also created in “new-English-style” with fast, pace, fast editing, cool music and style, lots of humor, and over-the-top character.

The humorous twist of events and some bizarre mishaps of Jimmy, end up with him facing-off a world boxing champion, continuing on to more things going wrong as his money-hungry manager lands him in “bad-Jimmy-image” with the local town. At the height of the movie, where Jimmy is about to fight the world champion Jose Mendez, an unexpected twist happens, which makes the finale a rather unique one.

The Calcium Kid also gives quiet a few “laugh-out-loud” parts, and the “clichés” gives it an appealing touch. Although there have been a lot of criticisms about the movie, a lot of people still think it’s a movie given its own identity, its own simple laughs and humors, well acted and well written, that makes it one movie worth watching. A feel good British comedy film, the Calcium Kid has some serious quality as well.

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