The Bay of Naples, Italy

The Bay of Naples, Italy

Considered throughout the country as the most beautiful bay in Italy, the Bay of Naples has long been boasting the great natural views of the surrounding area, coupled with a wonderful climate. It is deemed as one of the richest spots to go for an ultimate Italy vacation not only for its wonderful backdrops, but more for the monumental, archeological and artistic masterpieces renowned by people from around the world. The Bay of Naples, Italy is even the exact area where the warmth of people is intensely felt, along with the lively traditions and passions for dance, music, and arts which have long been treasured and kept.

The Bay of Naples, Italy forms a superb display of wonderful panoramas of the surrounding villages and towns. It even presents the beauty not only of the mainland, but by the three small islands that complete the Bay, including the Procida, Ischia and Capri. Of these islands, it is actually the Capri that is considered as the queen of the Bay of Naples, Italy.

Below are some of the other most well-known spots in the Bay of Naples, Italy.


Standing on the top of the cliffs across the Bay of Naples, Italy, the Sorrento is one of the well-known areas to visit while in Naples. It is located with only 90 minutes ride away from the Circumvesuviana train route which circles the Bay. It is here where the historical bell tower of the cathedral is found, which according to certain researches dates back from the 6th to the 15th century. What’s nicer to know about this place is that it offers a number of lodging options for visitors to choose from. It even provides easy access to the other notable sites in the Bay of Naples, Italy.


If you are the type who is so interested to know more about the early buildings and monuments of the city, Pompeii is one of the best places to go while on Naples, Italy. This place is located on the Bay of Naples, Italy and it is here where a number of historical sites can be found, including the the Basilica, Temples of Venus and Apollo, the Forum, Temple of Jupiter, House of Vettii, and a lot more. It is these structures actually that makes Pompeii the ideal place to go for a Roman touch in the Bay of Naples, Italy.

Amalfi Coast and Positano

Perhaps the most breathtaking sites in the towns of Amalfi and Positano are their coastline. It can be viewed panoramically right on the hanging roads of the towns. Here, you will see beaches, piazzas and harbors, each boasting a unique display of breathtaking views. Of the wonderful areas in the Bay of Naples, Italy, it is these towns that are often frequented by visitors.

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