Naples, Italy Tourism

Naples, Italy Tourism Among the large cities of Italy, the city Naples is considered to be the unruly child in its family. Milan is known for its economic dominance, Florence for its famous art pieces, Venice for its quaint charm, Rome for its magnificence, Naples displays an unerring vitality of youth, the vibrant energy of …

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Bay of Naples, Italy

Bay of Naples, Italy Italy’s most panoramic bay placidly lies between the Peninsula of Sorrentine and the Campi Flegrei and offers the most spectacular view that continues to draw tourists from halfway around the world. The Bay of Naples, Italy is not only a chief port in the southern part of the country; it is …

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Naples, Italy Churches

Naples, Italy Churches The city of Naples, Italy is not only home of the very first pizza and other mouth-watering creations, it is also known for its historic landmarks and magnificent structures. Naples, Italy churches have drawn many tourists and pilgrims from all over the world just to set foot inside its sacred walls. Italians …

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