Netflix Pro And Cons-Dont Run Out To Get Movies

´╗┐Netflix Pro And Cons-Dont Run Out To Get Movies

In the past renting a movie would be a bit of adventure as you would have to run out to the rental store to get a movie. However times have changed and we can now rent all the movies we want from the comfort of our own home. Netflix is probably the most recognized name when it comes to at home movie rentals. But is Netflix really the best option for you?

The Netflix Pro and Cons can make or break whether you actually use their surface, but it is dependent on the individual and what you are looking for. The most obvious advance of utilizing Netflix is of course the fact that you do not even need to leave your house, you can just sign up, pick out the movies you want, and they are mailed directly to your house.

But that also leads into a fairly significant con as well. Sometimes you just want to go watch a movie, not wait a couple days. With Netflix you will not receive your movies for several days since they are mailed to you. So if you want to watch a movie that night, then you are kind of out of luck.

When talking about Netflix Pro and Cons the next pro might seem more like a con, and that is the subscription fee. It seems like a con, because it is, but it is also a pro depending on your movie watching habits. You see, if you are an avid movie fan and watch tons of movies, then this subscription fee is actually a pro. You pay one flat fee and can see all the movies you want during that month. This is very rapidly end up saving you money then if you had individually rented each movie.

But for those who only watch the occasional movie every now and then it becomes more of a con. You are paying for this service that you do not often use, and if you do want to use it you have to wait a few days before you even get your movie and it just is not worth it. So if you find yourself only watching a couple movies a month, then I would advise sticking with your local rental store.

The last big Netflix Pro and Cons is simply it’s selection. The pro aspect of this is that Netflix carries a vast library of movies and television shows, often times much greater then any local shop. This comes at a price though as Netflix will often not carry new releases and you will be forced to wait even longer to get them.

Most brick and mortar stores will have new releases the day they are released. So if you want to see a movie the day it comes out, checking out the local stores might actually be a better choice then relying on Netflix.

Overall, if you are an avid movie fan and watch plenty of them, Netflix is definitely the way to go. But if you find yourself only watching the odd movie now and then, I would advise simply sticking with the local stores.

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