Naples Italy Wine Tours

Naples Italy Wine Tours

Naples Italy is the home to gourmet dishes like the famous pizza. Neapolitan cuisine is an exciting blend of Mediterranean and Continental cuisines that is truly their own. Neapolitan culinary arts satisfy any kind of palates and satiate any types of taste buds. A Naples Italy gastronomic feast is never without a glass or even a bottle of wine.

Neapolitans are great lovers of wine, so it is just fitting that Naples Italy wine tours are being set up. These Naples Italy wine tours provide a rich viticulture of the nearby places of Naples Italy. Visitors are guided to see the beautiful sprawling vineyards and taste the aromatic wines that are truly Italian. The climate of Italy makes the growing of grapes in abundance. Italian in the golden days had perfected the art and science of making the finest wines in the world.

Naples Italy wine tours may reach even up to the Avelino province of Campania region. Avelino province has famous wines like Fiano, Taurusi, and Greco di Tufo. Tourists, either wine connoisseurs or not, will have the chance to sip and smell the sweet bouquets of these famous wines and admire the magnificent work of vineyard farmers.

In an isolated area near Naples, the Coast of Amalfi boasts of a popular liqueur. The limoncello is a beverage produced from the big lemon fruits grown in Amalfi Coast. The place proves to be a producer of other popular spirits and drinks like these all types of lemon concoctions. Other fruits are also used as ingredients in making a good liqueur. Visitors will surely enjoy a glass of limocello or two.

There is not much information about Naples Italy wine tours because these wine tours are concentrated in other parts of Italy like Milan, Venice, and the like. However, one famous company in Naples that offers the best Naples Italy wine tours is the Cellar Tours ( Architectural visits, dining and wining are mixed into one to make that extraordinary trip to Naples Italy. The visitors will be toured near Mt. Vesuvius and witness the ruins it had caused to the city of Pompeii. All participants of the archaeology and wine tour will be fetched from their respective hotels. Guests will be treated with an excellent service ala VIP by their hosts.

Guests will be treated with a welcome drink, Muslum, an aperitif produced from the famous grape variety of Greco di Tufo. Tasteful wines like Fiano Pietraclada, Aglianico Rubrato and Privilegio will also be served during lunch for the tourists to enjoy. A sumptuous meal concludes the guests’ half-day filled with rich historic, delicioso dishes and great wines trip.

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