Naples, Italy Tours

Naples, Italy Tours

Naples is the third largest city in Italy and also unquestionably one of the most beautiful. Although highly congested, this metropolitan city continues to draw in tourists from halfway around the world. There are organized Naples, Italy Tours that are specially available for tourist who would want to view the great attractions that the city has to offer.

One of the popular destinations would be the old district of the city that has a rich and colorful historical background. The Piazza Garibaldi has survived many calamities such as air raids, blazes and earthquakes but it never lost its old world charm that continues to fascinate tourists and even Italians from other cities. The Naples, Italy Tours would also take you to some of the wonderful religious structures that has a Baroque and Rococo architectural styles. There are also medieval pieces that echo the importance of the city during such eras. Another frequent-visited site of most Naples, Italy Tours would be the Museo Nazionale, which is one of the very best Roman Empire Museums in the world today. The ruins and relics of Pompeii and Herculaneum are safely preserved here, along with many sculptures of mythological gods and emperor busts.

Naples, Italy Tours will also take you to view the majestic Palazzo Reale, which was built at the beginning of the 17th century. Commissioned by the Bourbon King Charles III, Domenico Fontana designed this architectural masterpiece to imitate the Versailles, and served as the residence of Spanish Bourbons since 1734. The Castel Nouvo is certainly among the itineraries of the Naples. Italy Tours that you should not miss. The Castel Nouvo was built way back in 1279 for Charles I d’Anjou and had some modifications several times. The structure’s façade is a 15th century work of art, with regal towers where you can find the Museo Civico and the Palatine Chapel.

Taking guided tours specifically designed for tourists would give more an advantage of seeing the very best of Naples, Italy. Who would want to waste precious time wandering aimlessly around the city, perusing the map? Aside from offering you the very best view in the comfort of a chartered vehicle along with other excited tourists, you will also learn some important historical facts of the sites from some expert tour guides. That way, you can make the most out of your trip and make it a very memorable one.

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