Naples, Italy Tourism

Naples, Italy Tourism

Among the large cities of Italy, the city Naples is considered to be the unruly child in its family. Milan is known for its economic dominance, Florence for its famous art pieces, Venice for its quaint charm, Rome for its magnificence, Naples displays an unerring vitality of youth, the vibrant energy of being unbound from its colorful past. Unlike other cities with old world allure, one keen observer could easily point out that Naples has a more modern identity. In fact, the city’s historical background can only be mostly discerned in its numerous restaurants that offer traditional Neapolitan dishes on their menu. There are also breathtaking architectural masterpieces that date back centuries ago that are still maintained today. These structures are among the popular attraction for tourists all year round.

Of all the key cities in the country, Naples, Italy tourism industry is not one of its strongest sources of funds. In spite of the recent cultural renovation, city funded urban makeovers and concentrated effort on its crime rates; Naples is the least dependent on tourism. In fact, one might say that part of its Neapolitan appeal is its perceptible lack of tourists even in peak seasons. Partially owing to its rough reputation of being the center of crime and corruption, the Naples, Italy tourism industry is in a deep slump. Petty crimes abound in the city threatening the well being of its tourism industry. Recently, Naples, Italy Tourism Office has presented plastic watches to tourists and hotel guests in the hope of persuading them to leave their expensive watches and avoid attracting the attention of muggers. Although many tourists are drawn to the city because of its architecture and scenic views of the Bay of Naples, the Camorra mafia syndicate and high rate on petty crimes have caused much alarm. Many tourists who were informed of the city’s background were decidedly discouraged to visit the city despite its being world-class destinations.

But with or without the aid of Naples, Italy tourism industry to boost its economy, the city has certainly done well over the past decades. As for tourists who are eager to venture out to Naples despite its notorious reputation, they can avail cheaper rates in all its establishments in comparison to other cities. This is mainly an effort to attract more tourists by offering cheaper rates on hotels, restaurants and other facilities.

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