Naples Italy Sight Seeing

Naples Italy Sight Seeing

Naples, Italy is one of the major tourists’ destinations in Italy and the whole of Europe. It is the capital province of the Campania region having 92 comune or municipalities. The city of Naples is considered as the largest city in southern Italy and hailed as the third biggest city in Italy being next to Milan and Venice. Neapolitans are the people of Italy who regarded as the most expressive people. They use exaggerated hand movements and facial gestures just to convey a point. Neapolitan, their dialect is as expressive as the tongues that speak it. It is a language in its own, having influenced the music not only in Naples but also in other parts of Italy.

Naples, Italy has an amazing list of beautiful sights to see. Naples Italy sight seeing is an astonishing way of spending a splendid vacation. There is plenty of Naples Italy sight seeing destinations. From old churches, historic castles and palaces, rich museums and galleries to visiting the enchanting islands of Ischia, Capri and Procida. The city street is in itself a unique Naples Italy sight seeing experience. Watching grand old villas nestled on the mountaintop and along the outskirts of the countryside are fascinating Naples Italy sight seeing items.

For art aficionados and religious pilgrims should visit the famous Duomo Naples, or the cathedral. This church is the chief religious house of Neapolitans. The church was built in honor of their patron Saint Gennaro (St. Januarius). Other than that, it is believed that the church houses a small container that has the blood of the saint. This religious building is home to rare art collection of famous Italian visual artists and some French painters.

Other interesting sights to see in Naples, Italy are the famous castles-Castel dell’Ovo and Castel Nuovo. Castel dell’Ovo used to be the prison of the prominent Roman emperor Romulus Augustus while in exile. This huge edifice was built during the Normans occupation. Castel Nuovo was put up under the order of Charles I of Anjou. These two structures are constant reminders to Neapolitans’ glorious past.

For the music lovers who want to experience Naples’ own brand of opera, Teatro di San Carlo is the venue of many operas. This opera house is a classic example of Neapolitan elegance and opulence. Great music by famous musical genius are performed in this big house of the arts.

For those who want to leave Naples for a moment and explore the world beyond, a nice journey to the surrounding islands aboard hydrofoil or ferry, or a visit to the neighboring place like Pompeii and Herculaneum and see the beauty of the famous Mt. Vesuvius is an exhilarating experience.
Naples Italy sight seeing also include a treat the waterfront to enjoy the panoramic view of the Bay of Naples and farther ahead the Mediterranean Sea. Food, cheeses, coffee and wine among al fresco are part of an exciting sight seeing in Naples, Italy.

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