Naples, Italy Sansevero Chapel

Naples, Italy Sansevero Chapel

Have you been in Naples, Italy? Heard about the Naples, Italy Sansevero Chapel? Well, there’s a myriad of attractions available in the city of Naples, but of all these attractions, no one can beat the grandeur that the Naples, Italy Sansevero Chapel can provide.

The Naples, Italy Sansevero Chapel, also known as La Cappella Sansevero, is actually one of the most frequented tourist spots in the southern part of Italy. It is located north of the church known by the name “San Domenico Maggiore”, which is nestled on the historic center of the city.

According to several resources, the Naples, Italy Sansevery Chapel was built at the end of the 16th century by a prince named Giovanni Francesco de Sangro. The chapel was first established right on the garden of the Prince’s state, located in the city right at the Ancient City center. This chapel was founded for one purpose – to venerate Madonna della Pieta. It is for this purpose actually that the Naples, Italy Sansevero Chapel is now properly named by the people of the city itself as the Chapel of Santa Maria della Pieta, or Pietatella, for short.

Well, after two centuries from the foundation of the Naples, Italy Sansevero Chapel, the structure was enlarged by another Italian prince, Prince Raimondo de Sangro, who also happened to be an inventor, alchemist, magician, supporter of the arts and a complex figure. It was him actually who made some of the greatest contributions in the Sansevero Chapel of Naples, Italy.

From that expansion, the Naples, Italy Sansevero Chapel had undergone development in the following years. Frescoes were then crafted as a major part of the chapel, and it’s worth knowing that all of the frescoes are made by Francesco Maria Russo. Aside from frescoes, certain sculptures were also added to the chapel of Sansevero, including sculptures of the 17th and 18th century. Note that these sculptures are still intact in the Naples, Italy Sansevero Chapel, including the Pudicizia of Antonio Corradini, Deposition of Franceso Celebrano, and Disinganno by another artist named Francesco Queirolo.

Although those masterpieces are present even in today’s Naples, Italy Sansevero Chapel, the most interested figure inside this structure is still the Veiled Christ, which is not only known in Italy, but throughout the Europe and the world. This famous sculpture is now placed at the center of the chapel. There is also the Anatomic Machines, another famous piece experimented by the Prince himself. These machines now remain as one of the most mysterious pieces of art in the Naples, Italy Sansevero Chapel.

The chapel is now open for people to see, but with certain fees. It is open all days from 10 AM to 6PM, except Tuesdays.

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