Naples, Italy: Knowing the Basics

Naples, Italy: Knowing the Basics

Known as Napoli in Italian, Naples is the third most well-known city in Italy. It is considered as the biggest and most populated city in the country. Just like the rest of the country, Naples, Italy boasts a number of wonderful sites, including the Bay of Naples and the place of Pompeii, making the city truly worth visiting.

Where is Naples Located?

Naples, Italy is a lively place located at Campania region in Southern Italy, which is but nestled about two hours south of Italy’s capital, Rome. It also lies on the coast of the Bay of Naples, right on its northern edge, and it is worth knowing that the Bay of Naples is by far one of the most wonderful bays to see in the whole Italy.

Getting There

Unlike the other Italian cities, Naples, Italy has long been considered as the gateway to the southern part of the country. It can easily be reached by all modes of transportation with several major train and bus stations, and airports. For instance, the major train and bus stations in Naples, Italy can be found right at the Piazza Garibaldi, one of the largest piazzas located on the eastern side of the city. Its major airport is located just minutes away from the vibrant Napoli hub and offers flights to other parts of Italy and Europe. This airport is accessible by bus.


As mentioned, Naples, Italy is one of the major cities in Italy that offer a wealth of attractions to every visitor. One of the most visited sites in the city is the Spaccanapoli. This area is actually one of the main streets that cross Naples. It is considered by every local as the heart of the historic center of Naples, Italy. So being the main street, it’s no surprise that Spaccanapoli is teemed with people from all walks of life. It is considered an attraction simply for the reason that the place has a number of churches, shops and buildings, all boasting a historical sense.

There is also the Capodimonte Museum and Park, which was founded as King Charles III’s hunting lodge. According to some claims, this site is one of the richest museums in the whole Italy. It boasts a set of great picture galleries, as well as a collection of porcelain and majolica.

Another historical museum named the “National Archaeological Museum” is available in Naples, Italy. Here, you can find a largest collection of Roman and Greek antiquities such as sculptures, gems, mosaics, a collection of Roman erotica from Pompeii and a lot more.

If castles and cathedrals interest you, Naples, Italy also has them. The Duomo gothic cathedral is one of the best cathedrals found in the city, and the Castel Nuovo and Castel dell’Ovo are two of the greatest castles built in the city’s peripheries.

Naples, Italy: Knowing the Basics

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