Naples, Italy Churches

Naples, Italy Churches

The city of Naples, Italy is not only home of the very first pizza and other mouth-watering creations, it is also known for its historic landmarks and magnificent structures. Naples, Italy churches have drawn many tourists and pilgrims from all over the world just to set foot inside its sacred walls.

Italians are known to be devout Catholics, religion being a focal part in their day-to-day life. This is the reason why one can easily spot basilicas, chapels and cathedrals anywhere in the country. In the city of Naples, Italy churches are at its grandest and most opulent state. Here, all religious structures are maintained in top condition even if have been built many centuries ago.

One of the most famous Naples, Italy churches is the Doumo di San Gennaro. Its stunning edifice draws gasps and never fails to awe tourists. For many years the Doumo have been restored several times, particularly after the majority of the structure was ruined when a violent earthquake hit the city back in 1456. The church contains many brilliant statues and a number of frescoes by the famous artist Domenichino.

Another addition to the collection of the Naples, Italy churches is the La Cappella Sansevero which the funerary chapel of Sangros, who are the much celebrated military leaders of a prominent family. The religious house has marble inlay flooring, a ceiling painted with the “Glory of Paradise” way back in 1749, and other famous statues and sacred sculptures including the much revered “Veiled Christ” of Guiseppe Sammartino displayed in its ancient splendor at the very heart of the chapel.

Naples, Italy churches are undoubtedly among the most significant and outstanding in the entire country. The San Gregorio Armeno is in the company of the oldest convents and holds a great significance in the city of Naples. Long before, the said convent is home to many nuns who lived comfortably and enjoyed countless extravagant banquets. It also has frescoes from the famous Luca Giordano and has a spectacular view of the Bay of Naples.

At the very center of the Piazza del Gesu Nuovo, is a church with a neapolitan baroque architecture. The Gesu Nuovo has a arresting façade much like the palaces during the Renaissance period. The church also has a huge dome, which has been rebuilt several times because of the damages caused by earthquakes through the years.

One can certainly conclude that Italians takes very great pride in their sacred structures that have been a vital part in the country’s culture and heritage.

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