Naples Italy Airport

Naples Italy Airport

The warm hospitality and the friendly nature of Neapolitans are tested in Naples Italy Airport. This is where tourists who arrive in Naples by plane get the first feel of Naples’ welcome. And those who are leaving will experience for the last time the way Neapolitans send their visitors off to their respective countries.

Naples Italy Airport or the Naples International Airport is run and controlled by a private company, the GE.S.A.C. Spa, the first in Italy’s aviation history. Naples Italy Airport is located at Via de Riposo. It can be accessed through email ( or or via mobile or local phones (0 81 789 6111, 789 6259. it can be reached also through fax (0 81 789 6557 or 789 6278).

Since its operation in 1997, Naples Italy Airport has recorded a growing number of passengers every year. In 1998, Naples Italy Airport has served 3,483,000 guests, and it continuously grew to more than four million in 2000. Although a slight decline of guests was observed in 2001 and 2002. In 2005 the recorded number of tourists coming in and out of the airport was approximately 4.5 million.

The dynamic activity of Naples Italy Airport could be attributed to the remarkable increase of flights and available routes to and fro Naples, Italy both domestic and international. Many airline companies poured in their capital and have opened new offices in Naples, providing wider options for tourists. It has served flights to major cities in Italy and worldwide.

The airport has two sprawling terminals that are just walking distance from each other. Terminal 1 has two floors where ticketing offices and passenger lounges, coffee shops, and other hosts of support service offices are located. On the other hand, the Terminal 2 was specially constructed due to the appeal of airline companies to cater to exclusive and special flights. The airport has built a special passageway for passengers with handicap or mobility-challenged.

The company that operated airport sees to it that passenger security is the top most concern. With its state-of-the-art security equipment, all passengers, both entering and leaving the airport are assured of a safe landing and take of. The airport has also taken the social responsibility of minimizing noise pollution and its effects to its nearby places. In fact, flight ban has been decreed prohibiting any flights arriving or departing in the airport every 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. unless of course if the flight is for emergency purposes or government initiated.

Getting to or departing from Naples Italy Airport can be done through any form of land transport. For those who will avail a cab or car for rent, passengers should agree with the driver to use the meter for taxi, or at an agreed amount for the rented cars. Otherwise passengers will end up paying far more than the regular fare and get the impression about Naples that might prove to be lasting.

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