La Giudecca Island in Venice Italy

La Giudecca Island in Venice Italy

Formerly known as Sina Lunga because of its fishbone shape, La Guidecca Island in Venice Italy is an S-shaped thin island in the southern lagoon opposite the Zattere of Venice proper and was known as Venice’s “garden of delights” in the 18th century. This amazing island in the Venetian lagoon filled with fascinating neo-gothic buildings and structures, is so called because in the 19th century it was once a place for nobles condemned to exile or giudicato. In fact, Michelangelo spent three peaceful years in voluntary exile on this place from 1529.

La Giudecca Island in Venice Italy is largely a working class area and residential area providing fine views of Venice itself when you stroll along the waterfront. The waterfront or fondamenta alongside Giudecca Canal is lined with restaurants, cafés, art galleries, and shops that sell fresh fish, delicatessens, in-season fruits and vegetables, pharmacy, hardware, and small supermarkets. Unlike other places of busy streets and vehicles, life in La Giudecca Island in Venice Italy almost happen on water and getting around is around is best done on foot or by boat. This romantic place is definitely worth your discovery.

Four water bus stops are along the island so it’s easy to hop on and off along its length when you’re exploring the place. La Giudecca Island in Venice Italy is also much for boat lovers. A lot of boats line the canals and even large boat repair yards can be found amongst the largest restaurant called the Le Mistra.

La Giudecca Island in Venice Italy despite being just a short ride away from the famous San Marco is almost a forgotten place. Both places seem to be worlds apart, but soon enough La Giudecca will be an amazing place to stay or own apartments as the stunning views over the Giudecca Canal to Zattere and Dorsoduro are a great advantage of the place.

More developments on the former Molino Stucky flour mill is a proof of the island’s advancing status. A huge non-gothic place at the western end of Giudecca Island built in 1897-1920, closed down factory in 1952 and neglecting lead to a fire in April 2003 is now being transformed into a hotel and conference center. This goes to prove that soon this place will be a prime place to stay.

La Guidecca Island in Venice Italy has more to offer than just the amazing views and peaceful streets. Getting to know its culture, people, and cuisine, are some of the best ways to get a true taste of the place. Staying in nice hotels in La Giudecca such as American Hotel, Lc the Westin Europa and Regin, Hotel Rialto, Monaco & Grand Canal Hotel, Best Western Hotel Bisanzio, Hotel Ala, Hotel Danieli, Starhotel Splendid Suisse, Savoia and Jolanda Hotel, and BW Hotel Monteclaro, will complete a great stay and experience.

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