Know More About Comedy Movie

Know More About Comedy Movie

What is comedy movie?

Comedy is a kind of movie that drawing audiences’ laugh. It is usually has very slight degree of drama and story focused. The comedy story generally telling about unrealistic or supernatural situation and insert plenty of joke scene and characters into the movie. Comedies find the deficiencies, foibles, and frustrations of living, providing fun and a short run from regular living. Also most of comedies have generally have happy endings story , although the fun may have a good or negative aspect. In June 2000, the American Movie Institute (AFI) has identified America’s 100 Which judged by many of comedy movie producer all over the country, which consist of “panel” of more than 1, 000 of the comedy- related American movie profession including directors, actors, cinematographers, screenwriters, editors, and critics. Now many sites and comedy movie books are trying hard to collect listings of the funniest scenes or funniest comedy movies in movie story. Again, in June, 2000, the American Movie Institute has launched the scheme namely Top 100 Funniest Movies of the Century in their multi-part series of tributes — 100 Years. 100 Laughs.

Types of comedy movies

1. Black or Dark Comedy

These are blue, biting, funny, or sarcastic stories that assist us analyze whether we should ignored darker serious or bearish subjects such as warfare, death, or sickness.


This kind of comedy was better exemplified by the expression-less cheek of unemotional humorous champion Buster Keaton.

3. Screwball

Screwball comedies, a sub-genre of amorous comedy movie, was predominant from the mid-1930s to the mid-1940s. The language ‘screwball’ denotes craziness, lunacy, eccentricity, ridiculousness, and unreliable conduct.

Screwball comedies were first launched around mid-1930s, and maked their job after the coming of movie phone and the cultural disturbances of the Depression. This style of comedy provided by another new age of writers and directors who start to offered escapist amusement for Depression-era audiences through some of the 30s and into the 40s – particularly after the rigid enforcement of the Hays Code took event. Screwball comedies were marked by cultural irony, comedic backup through zany, fast and other events, lot gags, sarcasm, screwy game twists or identification reversals, and precisely-timed, fast verbal dueling and witty biting dialog – going the goofy with the advanced.

4. Parody or Spoof – also Satire, Lampoon and Farce

These types of comedy also called put-ons, send-ups, charades, lampoons, take-offs, jests, mockumentaries, etc.) are usually a strange or anarchic take-off that ridicules, impersonates, punctures, scoffs at, and/or imitates (mimics) the way, conventions, formulas, characters (by caricature), or motifs of a bad business, movie and performer.

5. Slapstick Slapstick

was predominant in the early silent movies, since they didn’t want the sounds from the movie to be good, At first introduced, Lapstick were common and well know among non-English speech audiences in metropolitan areas. The condition slapstick was taken from the wooden sticks that clowns slapped jointly to further interview clapping.


This form of comedy was best exemplified by the expression-less face of stoic comic hero.

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