What drives one to an Italy winter travel other than the Winter Olympics? Pfft, obviously the very same reason why Italy is hosting the Winter Olympics — the slopes.

Well maybe you’re not exactly thinking of an Italy winter travel for the same purpose. But don’t you think it is indeed a good opportunity to be able to ski down the slopes that most people would give an arm for to try doing? It may be a great idea to bask under the sun on some beach during summer, but Italy winter travel will take you on a whole new vacation experience you wouldn’t have thought possible.

So few have known that winter season is basically opera and orchestra season. This is actually the time when European cultural events happen full blast everywhere especially in historic halls. This is the side of Italy that is unheard of by many. An Italy winter travel allows you to get into a tux and go to an opera gala. And you thought it only happens in the movies, huh?

Most people shy away from an Italy winter travel simply because they think it could cost more than a summer trip. But a closer look at airline fares would tell them that it could actually cost about a half to a third of what it normally costs during the summer season. And hotels are not a problem either. While it may not be inexpensive to book on the mountain resorts, most city hotels offer great discounts in winter, giving a 15-50% savings from a summer rate.

How about the cold during an Italy winter travel? Well, winter is supposed to be cold, and admittedly, some parts can even get chilly. However, don’t you think it is the best time to flaunt that fur coat you never had the chance to wear? Going south of Italy will take you to a milder winter climate. There, you can concentrate on exploring other places to see and sampling some of best foods in Italy.

But then again, why would you opt for balmy weather? Otherwise, you might just have come in summer. Forget the sunny days and espressos in outdoor cafés. Winter has its own allure. Cozy cafés during winter can be more appealing than a seat outside a restaurant in summer. And Venice can never be more romantic than with its wintry fog!

Sure, you might fall flat on your face more often than anybody else skiing on the slopes. But I’m sure no one will notice. Everybody else will be too busy carving the slopes or showing off their acrobatic skills to pay attention to you. After all, nobody would want to spend most of their vacation just figuring out if you’re ever going to learn how to ski. Who cares? Nothing beats the fact that you have skied the Alps alongside the world’s greatest winter athletes.

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