Italy Travel Facts

Italy Travel Facts

If you’re planning your next visit to Europe’s boot, Italy, then make sure you know some essential facts about traveling to this popular tourist destination as it will help you plan and arrange your visit in the right way.

Here are some important Italy Travel Facts that you may want to know and understand:

Italy Travel Facts #1 – Accommodations
Italy offers a wide range of accommodations for tourists. A lot of hotels can be found near train stations and are usually budget-types although some few are seedy. Inspecting a hotel before committing to it is often advisable. Italy hotels are generally rated by government system that does not take into account the appeal of the place. If you are staying longer, renting a house or apartment for a week is a reasonable option.

Italy Travel Facts #2 – Italian Festivals
The best way to see more than what just an average tourist may see is finding sagras and Italian festivals. Sagras are blessing of such things as porcini mushrooms. One is likely to find great food served outdoors at communal tables and are a great way to meet Italians, all you need to do is dive in.

Italy Travel Facts #3 – Italy’s Language
Italy’s spoken language is Italian although you may hear some local dialects. In heavily tourist areas though, English is widely spoken. If there’s one Italian word you should remember, it is sciopero, pronounced as sho-per-o meaning strike. Strikes often happen in Italy that usually lasts for about a day or less, and seldom cause too many problems for tourists who are flexible. Labor issues are often displayed to public consciousness by short strikes so if you see papers on walls or windows of trains or bus stations, look for this word and you’ll know what’s up.

Italy Travel Facts #4 –Italy Transportation
Italy public transport is served by extensive rail system and sometimes buses duplicate the rail routes. A lot of small cities in Italy have access to the larger cities nearby through twice-a-day bus trips. Bus stations are usually found near train stations. Since trains and busses are subsidized in Italy, they are slightly cheaper than most of the rest of Europe. Just take note that there are fewer trains on weekends and holidays.

Italy Travel Facts #5 – Maps of Italy
Providing yourself maps of Italy can help you plan your trip. There are a variety of maps of Italy that can be found online including rail map and region map.

Italy Travel Facts #6 – Best Time to Go
Italy has a moderate climate; rain is infrequent during summers in the south. The alpine regions have frequent thunderstorms even during summers. Summer can be extremely hot. August is the time that Italians take a break and head to the beach. Visiting Italy in the autumn is a wonderful time to visit. It’s when the truffles and porcini start to blossom. Although more rain than in the summer, with cooler nights it’s still worth it.

Italy Travel Facts

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