Italy Ski Vacations

Italy Ski Vacations

If you will be in Italy, you should definitely visit
Limone. Limone is one of Italy’s oldest ski areas,
and it is a very old village with a twelfth century
church and many other old buildings. The town is
located near the French border, and is only about
thirty miles from Nice.

At Limone, you will experience a real taste of old
Italy. The nightlife has a lot to offer, and the gourmet
food is out of this world! Food and skiing are
everything here – with more than fifty restaurants,
and 46 ski runs. The top elevation is 6689 with a
vertical drop of 3033 feet. Most of the runs are best
suited to intermediate skiers, with a few that are
suitable for beginners and experts. There are twenty
seven lifts, including seven chair lifts and twenty
surface lifts.

Remember that the village is very old – and the
locales like it that way. If you prefer high technology
and modern buildings, Limone probably isn’t for you.
But if you want to truly experience Italy, Limone
must be on your list of places to visit in Italy.

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