Italy, in 7 days…………

Italy, in 7 days…………

With internet you can research tons of useful information, which will probably match and satisfy your needs. Some how, I believe is good to remark what you want to see and how you will get to your destinations, in which city you will spent days and nights.

The vacation rental selected will play a decisive rule. The people who run this place may influence a lot your holiday. You are happy with them this will be synonymous of unforgettable holiday. They are nasty, your vacation will be then probably a tragedy.

If you are an adventure traveller, who doesn’t care where to stay, then go and stay where you feel comfortable and enjoyable. Do not carry big luggage, ask to anyone you desire what ever you desire. Italy is small unique full of richness country, and the Italian are very much willing to help tourist.

Move quickly, enjoy sunny and relaxing break, ride up and down by train get as much you can. Be ready to change area, even before sunset. Discovering a country like Italy in such a short time require a great dynamism and passion in travelling. Dedicate at least 1 day and one night if in your designed tour there are major cities, such as: Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice, Palermo, Naples.

You decide to drive then it’s quite simple you get lost. Once you get out from the highway the trouble will start. The street signal are very confusing, you must to learn and be concentrate on the way to reach the final destination.

Are you taking in your journey your family, then just select on destination and accommodations that can provide family friendly environments. Family journeys may bring you to places that could serve as a perfect family adventure. Beautiful beaches and fabulous scenery can be found in Italy. Your kids will definitely be thrilled with the sea, parks, summer sports, gelato. Parasailing and snorkeling are only some of the activities that can be enjoyed by your bigger kids. The whole family will love the land excursions to ancient ruins, museums and numerous sights in your chosen destination.

These are some of the most beautiful things that you should not miss when you come in Italy;

Visiting the Colosseo. By this time, everyone knows the Colosseo. You can sign up for a tour right outside. Cost around 15 euros and included the entrance price, a tour of the forum and a tour of the palatine hill.

Don’t let your fiscal sensibilities deter you from enjoying Venice’s, indeed Italy’s, top attraction: a sunset gondola ride. Riders beginning their 45 minute tour are initially struck by how effortlessly and silently they traverse the backwaters of this romantic’s dream city.
Pompeii is a must- see sight for any visitor to the Naples area. The entrance fee of 10 euros has to be the best value in Italy. You can spend a day here easily, and still leave not having seen everything that is left after the town was destroyed in AD79. If you enjoy it, consider going to Herculaneum too, where there are better-preserved houses, and even remains of original furniture. For both sites, its easiest to go via the Circumvesuviana.
Wake up early and go to the Uffizi a little over an hour before it opened. I would highly recommend doing this.
The enchanting island of Capri has been long been considered southern Italy’s finest jewel where the extraordinary beauty of the land and sea and the frequent presence of prestigious visitors imbue it with a magical atmosphere.
I could keep writing for ever about the beauties of this country. I just leave you to your imagination, inspiration and instinct, to spent a delicious time of your life “nel bel Paese”.

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