Intelliflix – The Online Dvd Rental Company To Avoid

Intelliflix – The Online Dvd Rental Company To Avoid

I remember when signing up with Intelliflix for 8 a year thinking what a great deal I just gotten, and how much money I was saving compared to the competition. Intelliflix claims to have over sixty thousand movie titles, rent video games, and also rent adult titles. I sincerely doubt that they have anywhere close to sixty thousand movie titles, and they have recently suspended their online game rentals. They still claim to rent other movie titles, but a couple of movies every few months, and it hardly seems like they even do that anymore.

For the first couple of months I received movies regularly, but then they stopped sending me movies. I went almost sixty days with well over a hundred movies in my queue without receiving one movie! They do not provide a customer service number and you have to open tickets through their email system. Of course when you get a response it will be about hoe they understand your frustration and will try to do better, but they still do not send movies on any timetable that could be considered regular. I go weeks without getting movies. I requested a refund more than once, but they claim they cannot refund annual memberships for any reason whatsoever. If it was not past the ninety-day mark I would dispute it with my credit card company. I even emailed the President of the company who boasted about publishing his email so regular customers could contact him. I received no response.

I have recently joined two other Online DVD Rental companies to see which one would work for me. I only will join at a monthly rate; I learned my lesson with annual plans. They are both excellent companies and actually sent me movies, and carried a wide variety of titles.

First let us look at Blockbuster Online. They have a tremendous amount of movie and television tiles and always have the newest releases. I usually received my movies in one business day. They also allow you to turn in your movies at local Blockbuster stores and give you free in store movie rental coupons every month. Their site is easy to navigate, and they also offer a trial period at a reduced fee. I took advantage of this offer to try them out.

The second company Netflix has just about everything put on DVD available for rental and all the new releases. One unique option they have is instant viewing online, and they are adding new titles to this service every month. I usually get my movies in one to two days. They also recently announced they will be offering a new service to play movies directly to people’s televisions at home through the Internet in the near future. Their site also has easy navigation and they also have the American Film Institute all time movie list which is great for movie buffs.

In summary look around at all the plans available, and do not sign up for an annual plan. Avoid Intelliflix at all cost. Both Blockbuster and Netflix are great companies, but in the end I stayed with Blockbuster simply because of their speed in sending me movies.

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