Hotel Canada in Naples, Italy

Hotel Canada in Naples, Italy

Located on a one degree floor of an age-old building, the Hotel Canada in Naples, Italy overlooks the Mergellina Sea. It stands at the base of the Posillipo Hill, then occupying a position so ideal for the tourists to do their own business. The Hotel Canada in Naples, Italy is even close to the port where hydrofoils and boats operate to take people to and from the small islands of Ischia, Procida and Capri. It is further interesting to know that the Hotel Canada in Naples, Italy is located in an area near Greece, USA, Switzerland, and France consulates.

As a lodging option, the Hotel Canada in Naples, Italy provides a number of private rooms for their guests to relax and stay for a day or two. All of these rooms are built and designed with modern furnishings and decors. They are set in such a way that guests will enjoy a comfortable atmosphere. Aside from that, all of the guest rooms offered by Hotel Canada in Naples, Italy are equipped with the necessary amenities and facilities, including a television that gives access to the wonderful views of the Mergellina port. These rooms are also equipped with private bathrooms, telephone, direct link, radio, hair dryer, safe, fire detector, fridge bar, and air conditioning system.

Well, there is more to be said about the Hotel Canada in Naples, Italy aside from those above mentioned amenities. The hotel provides their guests the chance to enjoy even their baby sitting service, front desk and fax service, bars, as well as elevators or lifts. For those who are pet lovers, Hotel Canada in Naples, Italy allows you to bring your own pets even to your most private suites. Their front desk is available 24 hours a day.

However, just like the rest of the hotels in Naples, Italy and the world, the Hotel Canada has its own set of policies that every guest must follow. These policies have something to do with the use of the amenities and facilities provided, as well as with reservations and cancellations. For instance, it is stated on the reservation and cancellation policy of the Hotel Canada in Naples, Italy that credit cards are accepted for making reservations. You need to pay a deposit to guarantee your stay, and the total bill has to be made directly at the hotel, right after your stay. In case, you do not arrive on the reserved date, the hotel has the right to cancel your stay. The Hotel Canada even has the right to place certain penalties in case you have cancelled your stay after three days. And, if you want to make cancellations on your stay, phone calls are highly recommended.

So with such policies strongly adhered, it is best to settle everything first before deciding on whether to stay or not in the Hotel Canada in Naples, Italy. And, while you’re staying in the hotel, it is best to observe certain policies also to avoid possible conflicts. This is by far most important move to take to enjoy everything that the Hotel Canada in Naples, Italy has to offer.

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