Do you feel that going alone to an unfamiliar place is like going to a battle without your platoon? Well, maybe it is not exactly as scary as a war, however, there are certain comforts that a group tour can give that you’ll never find when vacationing alone.

Group travel Italy, whether in small or large groups, can be fun – and inexpensive too. Gone are the days when you need to consult your map more often than you pee and wrong turns are but a distant memory. Group travel Italy may not be for everybody, but more and more people are opting for it. Why? Well for one, it means group tour. And tours means giving the responsibility of all those trip logistics, hotel and transportation bookings, and plotting of itinerary to a professional. Now, I got your attention. Sure, it would probably mean that you will be traveling with people you don’t even know, unless of course the entire group is family and friends. But who cares? It doesn’t mean you’ll be sharing meals and towels with the whole bunch anyway. Pfft!

Some tour companies promote independent travel. And why wouldn’t they? Independent travel costs more, plus, it would give you plenty of work like arranging hotel accommodations, car rentals, and choosing your itinerary. Of course, these may not pose any problems to those who like the challenge and who are not so keen on traveling with a crowd.

Group travel Italy has its benefits and disadvantages. For one, large group tours may have everything planned out for all of you at a lower price. But, these tours are less personal giving you glimpses and highlights, leaving out most of the details. A small group tour however, will likely be more tailored to suit your interests. There’s also the fact that it would mean dealing with a lesser crowd during your trips.

Several websites offer group travel Italy. There are tours organized depending on the group’s interest. There are group packages especially for art enthusiasts, sport fanatics, food experts, religious devotees, and even walking and biking aficionados. These tour moderators accept activity suggestions, prepare itineraries, recommend accommodations, negotiate rates, and offer after sales support.

There are also sites that cater exclusively to an all-women group. They are not feminist advocates, but they feel that there is a need for a group tour that any woman traveling alone, can feel safe with. It might not sound like having an armed bodyguard at your side when you hop around Italy, but it is so much better than looking behind your back for pickpockets most of the time.

Italy summons. Whether you opt to travel alone or go with a group, it has surprises waiting to be discovered.

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