Getting A PSP Movie Is As Easy As One, Two, Three

´╗┐Getting A PSP Movie Is As Easy As One, Two, Three

There are some opportunities that allow ripping and converting movies from your PC to you PSP. In order to get a PSP movie all you should have is PSP Video 9. It is a free PSP movie converter and running application. It can transfer standard PC movie files into PSP video files, as well as manage/copy these PSP video files between the PC and PSP.

In order to create a PSP movie file, you will need your video files in MPEG4 file format for the PSP to read. Using the proper instructions, you will be ripping DVDs like a professional. You should start by selecting the DVD you want to rip and putting it into your computer’s DVD drive.

Then download DVD Decrypter v3.5.4.0 at The next step is to click the Mode tab, scroll down and select IFO. After it click the Tools tab, select IFO Mode and see if the preference File Splitting is in position to “None.” Click OK, below the Input window choose the PSP movie. After doing this, choose the Stream Processing tab, launch Stream Processing, and pick your video.

You are prepared to begin ripping. Click that big DVD disc to start the process of ripping the DVD into a file situated on your hard disk. Now with the video file on your HD, you have a variety of programs at your disposal which will help you convert the file into proper formatting for PSP movie viewing. Download 3GP Converter, iPSP, or the new PSP Video 9 and these programs will allow you to convert that ripped video file.

For those who use Mac, give iPSP a shot. And for PC users not satisfied with talk of bit rates and encoding will enjoy PSP Video 9’s user interface and in this way to enjoy PSP movie. Now join your PSP using a USB 2.0 cable and make a click on the option “USB Connectivity” in the PSP’s main menu. This will allow you to browse the Memory Stick Duo into your PSP.

You should be careful about the placement of your movies files on the Memory Stick. Different from music and picture files, your PSP movie files have to be placed outside of the “PSP” folder. Create a folder called “MP_ROOT” and inside that folder create another folder named “100MNV01.” In this folder you need to copy your programmed movie files.

Make sure that your PSP movie files are named right. Such applications like iPSP will accurately name your video files automatically. Naming your MP4 files “24_Season_3.MP4” is not right. The files need to be named as follows: “M4V00000.MP4”; you can select other numbers than “00000” in order to suit your preference (for example “M4V00027.MP4”).

Now that you have your PSP movie, you can consider that you finished the work! In the beginning you can meet some problems in converting but if you meet problems on any of the above steps, consult internet message boards for help. Usually on forums there are a lot of information and sharing the experience about PSP movies.

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