Food Recipes from Naples, Italy

Food Recipes from Naples, Italy

Italians have always been popular for their sheer love of good food and excellent wines. In fact, the rest of the world readily concedes that Italians are expert on concocting the finest cuisines and world-class wines. And Italians from the city of Naples are certainly not an exemption to that. In fact, there are some well-known recipes that originated in the quaint city of Naples.

One of the popular original food recipes from Naples, Italy is Pizza. Well, almost everybody loves pizza right? But did you know that the very first pizza that we enjoy today was created by a man named Raffaele Esposito from you’ve guessed it, Naples. He created the now-popular dish to honor the visit of Queen Margherita in 1889. This later became a local street food that gained popularity in the rest of Italy in the 19th century.
Now it is easily available in any part of the world.

Seafoods are also one of the main ingredients in Naples since the city has the most picturesque coastline anywhere around the globe. The sea’s bounty has produced many food recipes from Naples, Italy that are a rare treat tourist never fail to try. One of them is the Insalata di Mare, which is a seafood salad with olive oil dressing, with calamari, shrimps and scallops. The Zuppa di Cozze is also a popular dish here made of mussels in tomato sauce and wine. If you consider yourself a food critic, then you won’t find anything to complain about with these superb food recipes from Naples, Italy.

The popular Marinara Sauce and the Puttanesca can also be credited among the greatest food recipes from Naples, Italy. The locals of the city have clearly excelled in perfecting dishes made from the finest tomatoes that were abundant in their region. The Lasagna with Ricotta cheese, Steak alla Pizzaiola, Braciole, which have also been popular to other parts of the world were first created in Naples, Italy.

One can safely assume that Italians have an extraordinary penchant for great food. Today, most of their recipes are revered and well loved by people regardless of nationality. This is evident with the large number of Italian restaurants in any city around the world. Italians have been rightly regarded as an expert on quality cuisines, and fine wines. People would not mind to pay extra cash on some good old Italian dishes, since they are sure to satisfy even the most discriminating taste. So pick up your glasses and make a toast to more great food! Boun Appetito!

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