Florence Italy

Florence Italy

Florence is one of the beautiful cities of Tuscany, a region of Italy. Florence Italy exhibits an “al fresco” of art and culture. This Italian city is famous worldwide for being the heart of the Renaissance period and the abode of fine arts and literature. One can find powerful symbols of Italian and European culture in every corner and crevice of Florence that makes it sometimes hard to identify the city with just one character.

From the famous David by Michelangelo, to the romantic Ponte Vecchio, to Giotto’s bell tower, Florence Italy just seems to be represented by a lot of things or famous people such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Dante Alighieri, or Michelangelo, to name a few. This art-filled city seems endless of amazing things to see and beautiful places to go.

From any Italian city, getting to Florence is easy since the city itself is an important railway and highway center. The past years have had an increase in direct flight connections from abroad. You can always choose from getting there by car, train, or plane.

The most charming spots in Florence Italy are a walk of discovery. The Ponte Vecchio as its name suggest, is the oldest and splendid bridge in Florence Italy. Its banks are still full of silversmiths’, jewelers’, goldsmiths’, and laboratories whose art has been passed down from generation to generation. The Piazza della Signoria is an outdoor exhibition that includes some of the finest arts by well known artists such as the Fountain of Neptune by Ammannati, the Palazzo Vecchio by Vasari, and a copy of Michelangelo’s David that welcomes every visitor upon entering the square. The Giardino di Boboli or the Boboli Gardens stretch out alongside Palazzo Pitti, and were both created in 1500 on the wishes of the Medici family. Walking through these wonderful Renaissance gardens includes seeing charming monuments such as the Grotta del Buontalenti, amphitheater, and Small Island with statues of dancing country-folk. The San Lorenzo Market is homed within huge iron and glass building built in 1874. The market has still preserved much of its charm even though it has now become a tourist attraction. Other great places to see are the Spedale degli Innocenti and Palazzo Pitti.

A tradition of simple dishes prepared with genuine, tasty plain ingredients is what Florentine cooking is all about, and has recently been reconsidered by the world of more sophisticated cuisine. Bread, vegetables, cereals, and oils which must be extra-virgin, are the center of many recipes that should never be missed in many restaurants in Florence.

Really getting to know Florence Italy is not just about visiting the museums, seeing the churches, palaces, and monuments, but to fully understand the versatile spirit of the city, is mixing with the local people and trying to live like they do for only one day. How Florentines enjoy themselves and where they go to have a good time, are just some of the things you need to discover, as Florence’s night life is full of music, cocktails, and lightheartedness.

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