Facts about Rome Italy

Facts about Rome Italy

Planning a trip to the “Eternal City”? It’s challenging to state what one can find most breathtaking about the Eternal City, Rome. Rome Italy facets so many magnificent places and things to do, from the timelessness of the Forum, the arrogant opulence of the Vatican, the fierce character of the major intersection, the top speed of a Fiat Bambino, or the bill of a caffe latte, mainly the reason why some important facts about Rome Italy will help you through your trip.

There are certain facts about Rome Italy that one needs to learn about if planning to visit this splendid city. It will help one to have a general idea about the Rome, as well as know what is to be expected, to better appreciate and enjoy the vacation. Here are some fast facts about Rome Italy:

Roma is the authentic name of the city, pronounced as row-ma with a hard ‘a’. The city has an area of 150sq km or 58 sq miles. The city’s population is about 3,800,000. Its time zone is based on Central European Time which is GMT/UTC +1; daylight savings time starts every last Sunday in March, and ends every last Sunday in October.

The official language of Rome is Italian, which is a Latin language related to Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Romanian. Standard Italian is spoken as well as many dialects such as French, German, Slovenian, and Albanian.

Some of the essential tourist facts about Rome Italy include transport, money, weather, and the best time to visit:

Leonardo da Vinci also known as Fiumicino is the main airport of Rome. The other airport is Ciampino, which handles no-frills airlines and with mainly international plus a small number of domestic flights. The main bus company in Rome is Eurolines that services Europe destinations, and there are standard train connections to all major cities in Europe and Italy. Buses also run from different city bus stops to the Lazio region and from Stazione Tiburtina to other places throughout Italy.

Money is one of the important facts about Rome Italy that tourist should know about. For the typical traveler, credit card is the more practical way than having handful of euros. Although some small pensioni, pizzerie, and trattorie will only accept cash, ATMs can be found everywhere and are easy to use. Banks and post offices are the most dependable places to change traveler’s cheque and generally give the best rates. Credit cards are widely accepted and the exchange rate is usually better.

The weather in Rome is a mild climate that makes it a year-round visitable place. However, spring and autumn are definitely the best times to visit, with generally mild temperatures and sunny skies. July and August are unpleasantly hot and so most Romans abandon the city to go to beaches resulting to a lot of shops being close this time.

The main tourist season starts at Easter and runs until October, so for those who love visiting during peak seasons, spring and autumn are the best times to visit where tourists pour in. For those seeking a lighter traffic and less crowded city streets, summer is the best time to visit.

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