What else is there to know about Italy aside from when to go, what to see, and how much to spend? A lot. There are crucial facts about Italy travel. One such fact is that, star ratings outside Italy’s hotels may not mean the same thing you thought them to mean. So what exactly do they mean? A lot of things actually, but most probably not what you have in mind. The star ratings are provided by the government and in no way do they have anything to do with the ambiance or the charm of the hotel. Thus, a one-star hotel does not strictly mean it has poor service and facilities compared to the two or three star hotels. Likewise, prices can not be based on these ratings as well. Meaning, a three-star hotel can be more expensive than a four-star hotel in the same area. The best thing to do is to check out the room before you pay for it. You’ll never know, you can get better services and amenities paying less for a one-star hotel room than with a more costly three-star hotel room.

One of the most important facts about Italy travel is that tourists are required to register with the local Italian police within three days upon arrival. Visitors who are checking in at a hotel usually do not need to go to a local police station to register. Hotel staffs may ask for the guests’ passports, which are returned the following day, so they can do the registering in the guests’ behalf. However, under Italian Law, those who are staying with friends or relatives should register at any local police station in person within three days from their arrival.

Petty crimes like pick pocketing, snatching, and theft from parked cars are very common especially in bigger cities. Vital facts about Italy travel include this warning. Some of these petty crimes happen in nightclubs and bars mostly because of the fact that the age limit for those who can be sold alcoholic beverage to is lower than in most states in the United States. Tourists should be wary of the facts about Italy travel, especially regarding safety. Some of these crimes are even executed by individuals who are well-dressed. The best thing to do to avoid falling prey to these persons is to be non-complacent and extra cautious.

There are several interesting facts about Italy travel that one should know. Learning their language would certainly come in handy especially if you intend to drive within Italy. As it is, Italians get too close for comfort. While this may sound romantic on some circumstances, it definitely isn’t that flattering when you’re driving amongst them.

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