DVD Online Club – Why I Went With the Best and Cheapest Way to Rent Movies

´╗┐DVD Online Club – Why I Went With the Best and Cheapest Way to Rent Movies

Out: Driving to the local video store to rent a video.
In: Visiting a DVD online club to rent a video to have it sent to your home effortlessly.
Out: Waiting in long lines at the local video store.
In: Choosing which movies to have sent to you from a website in moments.
Out: Not finding the video you really wanted at the video store, the whole reason you went there. That, and having to find a “good enough” movie.
In: Choose the movie you really want among tens of thousands of choice. The one you want, everytime.
These things describe why I switched to a DVD online club. From my experience, everytime I went to the local video Blockbuster, I never got the movie I really wanted. The new releases were always out for weeks, and you had to practically stalk the store to get one when it came back in. That, and recently I had the urge to watch an old movie, Karate Kid 1 (the original where he learned karate). After going there a couple of times, I found out someone had kept the video out and maybe at some point they’d get a new one in as the person decided to keep it apparantly. Ok, so I went to Walmart, but the movie wasn’t there. So it comes down to I have to order one in from Amazon.com it seems if I want to watch it. I never quite took to Netflix after my credit card number got stolen years ago and that’s what the person did, they ordered videos from Netflix. So, recently I came across this place called Intelliflix and I never went back to Blockbuster again. The old movie was great to see again.
That’s why I chose to change to a DVD online club, but everyone has their own reasons. I have compiled together a list of all the great things about switching to a DVD online club since some you don’t realize until after you switch, like a bonus:
* No late fees or return dates. While this is true about Blockbuster now (if you don’t count the restocking fee) , it is 100% true about these DVD online clubs.
* Great for old movies or unusual, lesser-known movies. This was very true in my case, and I’m sure it has been with other people as well.
* The movies you really want are actually there and ready to rent now. Plenty of movies to go around, something you can’t get in a little store.
* Delivered to your door. You can’t get any easier than this! What you want, delivered right to you in no time.
* Fast, free delivery, usually in 1 day from my experience. Some DVD online clubs get the movies to you faster than others. The biggest DVD online club is not Blockbuster or Netflix. There is one that has many, many more distribution centers, meaning you get the video much faster to your door.
* Free shipping both to your home and also back to the DVD online club. The only fees are the low monthly subscription fees.
* 3-4 videos out a a time. Once you watch a video, pop it back in the mail, and in a couple of days you get your next video choice at your door.
I used to spend way more money in the local video store than I do for my DVD online club monthly subscription. Heck, I spend more driving to work and back on just 3 of the days than I do on my subscription. The difference is, now I actually get to watch what I want, when I want it. Seems simple, but when you’re spending your hard-earned money, you should be able to at the least get the movie you really want. Now, I do have to say one DVD online club stands above the rest, both in having a cheaper price, a bigger selection, and much faster shipping, but I won’t mention it in this article as I’m focusing on the DVD online club market in general and why it’s a blessing. You can watch literally any movie you want one after another. I usually have a pile of 3 videos on top of the tv, so I can’t even remotely watch them as fast as I can get them. But I do get to see what I want now, not what I’m stuck with. Wax on .. wax off!

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