Crimes in Naples, Italy

Crimes in Naples, Italy

Naples is said to be most controversy-laden city in the whole of Italy with its notorious reputation of high crime rates and corrupt government officials. The city has been making headlines for organized crimes, prostitution, turbulent traffic, filthy streets, hoodlums and mafias and a whole lot more. Some tourists who have been forewarned would steer clear from the region in fear for their security. Its rotten reputation has certainly preceded itself and perhaps blown out of proportion by media.

The prevalence of crimes in Naples, Italy have prompted the city tourism officials to proffer cheap plastic watches for tourists and hotel guests to convince them to use it instead of their expensive ones that would surely attract muggers. Much of the funds are spent on the rehabilitating and tamping down the escalating percentage of crimes in Naples, Italy. Even the national government has stepped in and infused funds to a tune of million just to make Naples a little safer and scrub clean the city’s otherwise scruffy image.

The infamous Camorra Mafia tops the watch list for most organized crimes in Naples, Italy. Made up of several clans, the Camorra Mafia has well-placed connections in the police and government agencies and effortlessly mock the laws in the said city. This is all mainly due to the glaring poverty in the area. Most of the residents in Naples are unemployed, with about 40 percent of its population are in the slums and with no jobs. It is quite predictable that these individuals would resort to desperate measures and petty crimes in order to survive. Along the magnificent structures and historical relics are putrid wastes littering the streets and hunger stricken people wandering around in search for food or unsuspecting victims.

Yet there are some who claim that the chaotic and dangerous atmosphere of Naples, Italy is part of its charm and allure, a perfect alter ego of Florence and Venice, cities which are popular for its sophisticated and polished veneer. The tourism industry is certainly on a deep slump because of the crimes in Naples, Italy. But there are still a few tourists who would dare venture in the crime-infested city because of its glorious structures and cheaper hotel and restaurants. So if you find yourself in the rather treacherous side of Italy, it would be best to be more cautious and vigilant. You wouldn’t want untoward incidents to mar your otherwise perfect vacation.

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