Italy Casinos

Italy Casinos Italy is the land of romance, with historical monuments that make it to the Seven Wonders of the World such as the Tower of Pisa to the Vatican City, which offers a spectacle in itself with its famous paintings and sculptures. Italy has so much to offer that it will make you wish …

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Naples, Italy Tourism

Naples, Italy Tourism Among the large cities of Italy, the city Naples is considered to be the unruly child in its family. Milan is known for its economic dominance, Florence for its famous art pieces, Venice for its quaint charm, Rome for its magnificence, Naples displays an unerring vitality of youth, the vibrant energy of …

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Tips for Italy Travel

Tips for Italy Travel Located in Southern Europe, Italy is a peninsula extending into the central Mediterranean Sea, northeast of Tunisia. When traveling to Italy it is important to remember that you are not at home, so always be respectful and conservative. WEATHER AND CLOTHING In general the weather is very hot and steaming in …

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