Best Vacation Spots in Italy

Best Vacation Spots in Italy

Italy is indeed a perfect place to spend your vacation to. There are many interesting things for you to enjoy in Italy, like arts, scenic views, fashion, romance, and more and these are what keep Italy a vacation destination for families, friends, and couples for many years now. However, when you ask what the best vacation spots in Italy are, they actually depend on your zest. But, check out these cool and best vacation spots in Italy and decide what place to choose.

Best Vacation Spots in Italy: Viterbo, Bomazo, and Bagnaia, Mostefiascone.

Viterbo is 90 minutes away north of Rome. It boasts a number of major attractions, which include a well preserved medieval center. If you want to imagine yourself going back in time, this is for you. For lunch, you can stop at Ristorante Tre Re for a reasonable priced homey meal. And don’t miss the famous thermal baths and spa at Terme dei Papi, where the hot springs are an enormous pool with varying temperatures and where clusters of Italians chat.

Thirty minutes from Viterbo, Bomazo has a huge park that contains a number of monster-like sculptures, and Bagnaia houses Villa Lante that is adorned with beautiful gardens. The Nearby hill town of Montefiascone is beautiful and serene, offering a great view of Lago Bolsena and Piero, at the cantina through the arch and on the way to the lovely park at the summit, will give you a taste of his wine. Stop by for a meal at Dante in Montefiascone.

Best Vacation Spots in Italy: Siena and the Abbey at Monte Oliveto Maggiore

The town of Siena is ancient, yet elegant. It is two hours north of Rome and has a smell of renaissance in the air. It is a perfect place to wander if you are looking for narrow streets and great shops or want to watch people in the large piazza, the Campo. On your way back to Rome, stop for your lunch in the garden of the Abbey, where in you can also stroll its grounds. The trattoria is called La Torre.

Amalfi Coast- Positano and Ravello

Many tourists consider the Amalfi coast, which is three hours south of Rome, to be one of the best vacation spots in Italy. The spectacular views accompanied by fascinating little villages, such as Positano and Ravello. If in Ravello, make sure to visit Villa Cimbrone and take a meal or spend the night at Villa Maria.

Castelli Romani

Castelli Romani, just 15 miles southeast of the city, is made up of seventeen towns. It is well known among the Romans as a place with first-rate restaurants, two volcanic lakes, and the towns of Froscati, Nemi and Rocca di Papa are particularly interesting. For a bit of history and nature, hike through the remains of Tuscolo, an ancient hill town conquered and destroyed by the Romans. You can dine at Al Tinello or La Briciola. For a quick taste of caffeine, Leonardo can make you an unmatched cappuccino with a home-made cornetto at the Jolly Bar in Piazza G. Bruno in Grottaferrata.

The above-mentioned best vacation spots in Italy are just some of the many selections of you can find in Choosing one for your next vacation destination can be very confusing, but whatever you decide on, you will not be sorry you did.

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