Best Time to Travel to Italy

Best Time to Travel to Italy

Italy is often times named as the world’s ‘living art gallery’ and one of the most romantic places to be in. From painters to poets, to paramours, and to popes, it’ll take more than just a shake of a paintbrush to ‘paint a thousand words’ to describe the beauty of Italy and its culture.

Whether it is a baroque church overlooking a cracked antique pediment in the Forum or the ruins of Greek temples or statue-filled Renaissance fountains, this place is superbly surrounded by history. Its splendid landscapes and vague lights seem to be made for romance. Its three millennia of culture, history, and cuisine entice just about everyone.

Endless possibility of things to do, people to see, places to visit, and food to taste, this place will naturally indulge your fantasies. From staying in tiny medieval hill towns, to gazing at Renaissance art, or skiing in the Alps, or staring at magnificent churches, exploring the canals of Venice, or just simply enjoying the pleasure of good food, good wine, and romantic scenery, Italy will definitely make a wonderful experience.

Italy’s climate is as complex as its amazing culture, varying from north to south and from lowland to mountain top. Around the country, temperatures are at sea-level with altitudes creating a steep change between summer and winter. In the Alps, winters are long and severe and storms develop in spring and tend to last to autumn, making the summer the wettest season. In the northern regions however, chilly winters and hot summers and an even rain distribution is what makes up the weather. Conditions become milder heading south where the hot and humid African winds affect the regions south of Rome producing at least a couple of stiflingly hot summer weeks.

When is the best time to travel to Italy? The best time to travel to Italy is during the spring, April to May, and autumn, November to October. This is the best time to travel to Italy since during these times, the scenery is beautiful and the temperatures are pleasant with relatively few crowds. It is also during April that a lot of celebrations and spring festivals happen such as Pasqua or Easter which starts during the week before Easter and continue through Easter Monday or La Pasquetta, a day that may be filled with interesting festivals.

Food festivals such as best artichoke festivals in Ladispoli near Rome is celebrated during the second week of April or the Sagra dei Garagoj a dialect name for a local fish takes place on the last weeks of April. April is probably the best time to travel to Italy as Rome’s birthday is celebrated on April 21 and you can enjoy special events and festivities including Saint George’s Day on April 23, Festival of San Marco on April 25, and the Race of the Ring held during the last week of April.

Italy is an amazing place to be and will surely make an unforgettable experience, so when you decide to visit Italy, just make sure you visit during the best time to travel to Italy and avoid August as this is the time that most Italians take their vacations and you may end up going around with mostly closed shops and businesses.

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