Bars in Naples, Italy

Bars in Naples, Italy

Naples, Italy is known throughout Europe and the world as the home of pizza. With this, Naples lives to provide people a great place to eat. So when it comes to dining, Naples, Italy is no exception. There are a lot of dining options available in the city for every visitor to choose from, and of all these options, bars are one of the people’s favorite hubs.

The bars in Naples, Italy now come in great number. Yes, there are many of them nowadays, each operating to serve you the best meal and drinks possible. These bars in Naples, Italy are even built with great atmosphere and customer service, making your stay an ultimate experience of your life.

Below are some of the most visited bars in Naples, Italy. Consider the following:

Bar Carolina

Located at the center of Naples, right at Piazza Carolina, this hub is often visited by tourists of all ages. It is built with simple furnishings and decors that make the atmosphere worth staying. Bar Carolina is pretty small, but they serve excellent drinks, including coffees for their guests. Aside from that, Bar Carolina is one of the bars in Naples, Italy that provide ice creams, snacks and dessert for the guests to feast on.

Cornetti House

For those with a sweet tooth, Cornetti House is one of the perfect bars in Naples, Italy to go. This property is located at the entrance of Via Manzoni, which is situated near the crossroads at the area where Via Caravaggio sits. Here, you’ll notice a functional interior, designed with windows filled with goods, trays of pastries, and oven. It is also here where you can taste the creamy Nutella, Hazelnut creams and jams in large tubs, lemon cream, and a lot more sweets for your to tooth to enjoy.

La Fenice

Another well-known bar in Naples, Italy, La Fenice stands near the Villa Comunale. The location actually provides a close access to the heart of the city and the sea. This hub is considered as one of the cleanest bars in Naples, Italy, and in terms of what is served, La Fenice offers a wide selection of meat specialties that are specifically roasted. Drinks and cocktails are also available just here. You can taste all of these specialties while watching videos.

Tavella Teresa

Boasting a welcoming atmosphere, Tavella Teresa has been considered throughout Naples as one of the perfect bars to go while in the city. Perhaps the reason for this is that this property is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Naples. It sits on the upper area where age-old conifers stand, leaving the place a strong aroma of resin throughout the region. Blooming gardens will even delight your stay at this bar in Naples, Italy. What is served? Well, Tavella Teresa serves snacks, coffees, croissants. Ice creams, pizzas, drinks and cocktails. These are served by trained crews.

There are a lot more bars in Naples, Italy. It is important to note though that these bars in Naples, Italy do not accept credit cards.

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