A Look At The Pitfalls Of Online DVD Rental Plans

A Look At The Pitfalls Of Online DVD Rental Plans

Online DVD rentals are more popular than they ever have been, and are getting more popular by the day. For as low as five dollars or an average of about twenty dollars a month you can rent movies that will be sent to you in the mail a day or two, and when finished watching these at your own pace simply send the movies back in a prepaid envelope provide when you receive the movie. It has become really easy and convenient for people who don’t have the time or lack the patience for another Friday night trip to the movie rental store where they may or may not have the movie you want to rent. You also don’t have to stand in line after choosing your movies waiting to checkout so you can go home and relax.

The online movie rental companies will provide you with a queue which you can fill with literally hundreds of movie titles so that when you send the movies back you don’t have to pick out which movies you want to watch, They will already be in your queue. They also have a new release page so you can keep up with the latest new releases.

Obviously online DVD rentals are easy, there are a couple of drawbacks, for instance every once in great while a movie will get lost or broken while being shipped post office. When this happens there is an option to let the rental company know and they will send you a replacement the same or next day.

There are three major Online DVD rental companies Blockbuster, Netflix, and Intelliflix. I am current member of all three, what can I say I like movies, but no matter what you have heard all online movie rental companies are not created equally. Both Blockbuster and Netflix have served me well, and I would not hesitate to recommend either one to anybody.

Intelliflix, well that is another story altogether. I joined Intelliflix because I read on a review site how they where just as good as everybody else and I could save a lot of money by purchasing the annual prepaid plan for 8. That turned out to be an expensive lesson for me, the first few months where fine, it took three to four days to get movies but they where less expensive than the competition. Two months after my purchase the movies stopped coming. I went sixty days with over a hundred movies I wanted to see in my queue, without receiving a single movie. Constant complaints to their customer service department did not accomplish anything, but they did extend my membership a few weeks! They also refused to issue a refund for their annual plans. I even emailed the president of the company, without results or even a response.

So take note of and learn from my mistakes and do not subscribe to an annual plan. My honest recommendation it to pick an online movie rental company with a trial period and see if their service meets your needs, and you enjoy the service. If their DVD’s are delivered in a quickly and efficiently, and the selection of movies available for rental are enough to make the monthly fee worth it for you.

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